Can I change the card’s message?
The text is totally modifiable. Change the message, the poetry, the greeting . . . whatever you like! Just let us know in the "Notes" box on the card page before you put it in the cart, or send us an email.
Can I use the card for a different occasion?
Many of our cards are great for different occasions – especially the ones about LOVE! Just let us know what occasion you want to celebrate with the card and we will modify the text exactly the way you want.
Is the card available for framing?
Our cards make great framed prints. If you would like a larger copy for framing, contact us to inquire at scapa1@gmail.com
Can I use a photo that I just have in printed form?
Sure. You will need to scan the photo using your smartphone or a scanner and send it as a jpg file. Or you can mail it to us and we will scan it and return it to you.
How long does it take to get my card?
Production takes 3 to 4 days. The rest is up to the United States Postal Service. So, at the present time, when you order, it would be good to give yourself a few days for the USPS to deliver cards.
At what file size should I send my photo?
If the smart phone or ipad gives you the choice, send it at its highest offered resolution, up to 2 MB. But don't worry - we can work with a smaller file too.
If I send you a picture with more than 1 person in it, how will you know which one I want you to use?
Please be as detailed as you can describing which person's head you want where! Write as much as you want so we are sure what head you are identifying. If there are 2 people in the card, make sure to let us know in detail what body you want them on!
How do I know I sent you the right picture to fit the face?
If you are not sure, please just send us a few photos so we have a choice for best fit. If there is a problem, we will contact you ASAP to make sure all is well.